05 January 2012

T R A V E L     P L A N S    U P D A T E

(click to view larger - much easier to read!)

So far, this is the round up of where my sister and I will be staying and working during our trip. Being the visual person that I am, I had to make this dorky little map in order to organize my thoughts and be able to actually see our plans. 

We have a little unexpected hiccup to work around, which occurred when two of Ashley's best friends got engaged a couple of months ago. So she will be leaving me for three weeks to fly back to California to be in both of their weddings*. I am trying to decide exactly what I am going to do during that time. I have a couple of ideas, such as Iceland, and I am definitely hoping to stay with my friend Jojanneke in Amsterdam - but if any of you have suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them!

No. 1 -  Madrid, Spain
We fly into Madrid first, so we are going to stay there a few days before we jump into everything.

No. 2 - Mallorca, Spain
I have told you about La Serrania before, which just might be too good to be true. I can't believe March is so soon!

No. 3 - Cannes, France
Seven years ago, when Ashley and I first crossed the Atlantic and traveled around Europe, we passed through Cannes but never stopped to see it. Ever since then we've been curious, so we might take this time as a chance to take a look around. Although, I think we're both open to other ideas, so again - if you have any, please share.

No. 4 through 7 - Paris, Amsterdam, Iceland...?
Or something, until Ashley returns.

No. 8 - Amélie-les-Bains, France
Our good friends told us about La Fargassa, and it is one of the destinations I am most looking forward to. I have my fingers crossed that I'll get to help Madhu (the owner) out in the bakery.

No. 9 - Le Mans, France
Here we are planning to take a little time to unwind and stay for a weekend at our cousin's French country cottage

No. 10 - Lozice, Czech Republic
Ashley just discovered Syyyr yesterday and emailed the owners about a work-stay opportunity with them. They confirmed this morning that we are welcome to come! I am really looking forward to this one, partly because it's in the Czech Republic - I am Czech myself and so have always wanted to visit there - and largely because I will get to learn how to make cheese and bread. Look here to see images of the farm and it's beautiful setting.

No. 11 - Munich, Germany
I am so thrilled to visit Germany again! This time, Ashley and I will stay with our dear friend's family prior to her wedding. That is, if we can be helpful and useful, rather than bothersome extra bodies. Following that week, we will celebrate the love of Viki & Sam and the promises they've made to each other in Austria. I can hardly wait for that! Afterwards, we plan to go camping in Austria with them and a couple more of our sweet ol' friends, Jess and Scott. After that, all I know is that a Sound of Music tour is definitely in order. But otherwise, who knows! Maybe we'll go home, maybe we won't? 

There are still quite a few things to sort out and preparations to make, but even still it is pretty clear; I am going to have the time of my life!

*It seems everybody is getting married and/or having babies right now. Is anybody else experiencing this?? Have I been left behind?


  1. 55 days!!  You always manage to make everything look so beautiful.  We are going to have the ultimate lifetime experience(s).  There is no other person I would want to embark on these adventures with.  xxoo

  2. well, this looks too great. and if you haven't already been, for your lonely stint, if it were me, i would go to ireland. i went to dublin several times when i was in england and i thought it was such a terrific and very walkable, likable, and friendly enough place to hang out. however, iceland sounds amazing, too!

  3. This sounds like so much fun Alyson! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Xo, Katie

  4. What a wonderful trip! Alyson if you're going to Cannes I can't recommend a little daytrip, or perhaps an overnighter, up to St Paul de Vence highly enough. It's a tiny town on a hill, filled with art, and there's a beautiful garden and gallery called Fondation Maecht. I think it's about an hour from Cannes x

  5. i think it's always weird/ funny to hear people who are not from austria talking about "the sound of music" cause in austria almost no one knows about it ; )
    ps: let me know if you'd like to visit tyrol or vienna : )

  6. You're a lucky girl! Have a great time and this map is not dorky at all. :) 

  7. AMSTERDAM. The nicest warmest people. Plus ( english!) easy to be on your own! So many parks filled with people! You can relax, read, and  enjoy solo time. It is a place that if I had to live by myself, it would be the easiest transition I think. I also personally... think they are so ahead in terms of design and photography... I am always so blown away by the dutch.

    Have fun girl...

  8. This is good and comforting to know! Do you have favorite places I need to go to? Things I must see?

  9. I am aware that the Sound of Music is very much an American thing, but are the Trapp Family Singers not famous there?

  10. Would you need a place to stay? I have a recommendation. I do have things to do and photos! I can send them to your email.

  11. I have a friend to stay with, but it might be nice to have the option! I would love to hear any and all of your tips/opinions/etc. 

  12. As I wrote here once, if you happen to need anything during your Spanish stay or on your way from Madrid to Mallorca, just let me know. I'm in Valencia, by the way! Drop me a line if there's sth you need/want to know.

  13. That's so sweet of you! thank you for reminding me. I will be in touch, I'd love to get some tips from you about Madrid if you have them. I would have liked to visit Valencia on our way, but as flying to Mallorca is significantly less expensive and so much easier than going by train & boat, we will unfortunately be passing over rather than passing through. :(

  14. I'm excited for you and for your travels!   Ever since I first read about your plan a few months ago I've been so inspired.  I can't help but want to do something similar one day.  I have a friend who 'woofed' around New Zealand for a year and he loved it.  I'm sure you are going to have a great time.  So jealous you'll be spending time in the Pyrenees :)