25 February 2012


Once upon a time
I realized I forgot something

While I was traveling around the world
so many things happened
and I forgot
my precious thing

It is
never too heavy
but full of solemn presence
When plenty of sunlight showers down
it brims with glowing warmth

It may be found anywhere
but not just anywhere

I search for it desperately
I stride
I yawn
and I get hungry too

Days go by over and over

Someone beside me
is laughing
"What are you laughing at?!"
I know I shouldn't be, but I feel a bit annoyed

After a while
I feel silly and jolly

For reasons unknown giggles and chuckles start to spread

it's better not to search for reasons
and just feel this very moment

Am I
too carefree?

Here I am
feeling empty

No matter who or how many people surround me
I dwell in my own solitude
I cry
I even scream
I drown in silence

After all the sighs...

I can breathe deeply now
and then
I truly remember
that the sky is blue

To look at the world outside
is just like listening to the world within yourself
but it's also very easy
to lose my track

Where am I 
standing now?

A step that I just took
leads to thousands of footprints

Whether I step back
skip forward
or stand still

I embrace the truth 
that my journey 
will continue for eternity

Once in a while I feel like giving up
but when I start walking once again
thinking about various encounters that await me
"thump, thump" the sound of my march
turns into the beating of my heart

What's this tremble that I've never felt before?!
I place my right hand silently
there it was
the brooch of mine

This road continues far beyond

Rather than counting all the missing pieces

remember the jubilant now

I ornament my heart with this little prayer of mine

A touching gift from Ashley. In a card she expressed that this book reminded her so much of me and the story of my life shared through this blog. When I read it I was near tears! I can connect every element of this book back to a point in my life, especially over the past five years. I am going to remember this during my journeys; when I find myself feeling scared or even glad it will be a point of inspiration for me.

Thank you again, Ashley. I will never forget everything you've given me this week!

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  1. It's true, reading it again gives me goosebumps! What you have shared on this blog is so deep and inspiring, just like the book. This journey abroad is meant to be and I wish you all the best in your adventures :)