09 February 2012

S P R I N G   E N S E M B L E S ,    E T C .

These look like perfect traveling outfits to me! I could easily live in all of them for six months, and I think a few of those outfits would make the perfect island stroll attire for a weekend spent in Deià. La Garçonne always does it best.

I designed and ordered some business cards - mostly for aiding in the process of spreading the word about my print shop and this here blog. I've never had any before, and I'm not sure why I decided to finally get some right before leaving for so long. Perhaps a few of them will travel with me to Europe. Who knows, they may come in handy. I will say that when I finally have them in my hand I am sure I will suddenly feel like quite the grown up/professional. Although what I am a pro at I can't really tell you.

Speaking of the print shop and trying to attain some level of professionalism, I have to point out (wave, shout, jump!) that Anabela of Fieldguided so kindly included me in her Repository post (I'm number three) this week. What a huge compliment, to be admired by a lady such as she. I love her blog and am so grateful for the mention. Her kind words make me feel all glowy inside.

Thank you again, Anabela!


  1. You're very welcome!  I just love the styling in these images. So good.

  2. Oh :) I follow anabela's blog too I think it's beautiful...
    Your artwork is incredible, congratulations...
    I specially loved the boys with a tent collage! wow ^____________^

    The outfits are so summerish...

  3. I want, I want, I want!