07 February 2012

T A H - D A H !

You never thought I'd do it, did you? Well, I wasn't so sure I'd ever get around to it myself,  but I'm glad to have proven us all wrong. HERE it is!

Please note...

- Each print is made to order - so you may have to be a little patient. 
- Free shipping in the U.S. is for a limited time only!
- A selection from my collaboration with Christine will become available in time. 

So much thanks to all of you for your support as I've made this small step toward becoming a "real" artist. Blowing air kisses to each and every one!


  1. YES!  I am so proud of you and these are all so incredibly beautiful! xx

  2. Bravo. Your work is really beautiful.

  3. I've been so nervous to reveal it all to the "world" - your compliment means so much. Thank you!

  4. Congrats on getting it live!! I've pinned one of your prints to keep in mind for if I find myself with extra funds. :)