03 March 2012

E S P A Ñ A    -   D Í A     U N O -     M A D R I D

I am afraid I will not be able to keep up with all that is happening - and it is only the end of day two (as I write this it is 5:30 AM!). So, this might be a bit brief!

On Friday, after our nap, Ashley and I met up with my long time trans-continental/blog friend Elena and her sister, María. There is always a risk involved when meeting someone in person for the first time; perhaps they will not translate to be the way that you interpreted them to be, or maybe you just will not connect with one another. I am so happy to report that Elena, Maria, my sister and I get along as though we have been friends for ages. It feels as though we have spent much more time together than only one and a half days. I couldn't be happier about this! They have both been so wonderful, so generous with their time and have shown us the best places in Madrid.

Our first night with them was a lot of fun. We went to a small bar/restaurant, had some snacks and wine and then went to a bar elsewhere (I can't keep track of where we were - I believe it was called The Door, but in Spanish, of course). A friend of Elena's had designed parts of the interior, including the bathroom which happened to be our favorite room. I think my father, being an architect, would appreciate it too! After having a drink, we walked through the city and then parted ways to go back to our homes (which are only five minutes apart!). It was a very nice and easy evening - perfect for two very sleepy and jet-lagged travelers.

I took A LOT of photos today (Saturday), so it may take me a little while to edit them all down and post them. I will try to do that before I end up with another set of a million pictures tomorrow.


  1. I'll live in Barcelona from September on, will you still be in Spain? 

  2. No, I won't be in Europe that long! Although I am falling in love with Madrid so much that I wish I could stay. I plan to leave at the end of July if all goes well.

  3. Aw! Pity! Pictures look great. What a wonderful experience.

  4. Alyson! You're journey looks so amazing already! I love that you're regularly posting- please don't stop! Must live vicariously through you to escape the Seattle gloom. I hope you've figured out what to do about your ticket!!!! 

  5. Be sure you get in some of these photos! I'm going to live vicariously through you and Ash for the next 90 days... hopefully longer.