13 March 2012

L A   S E R R A N Í A   A T   N I G H T F A L L

One week ago I arrived here at La Serranía - it was love at first sight. Ashley and I unpacked our things and then wandered around the house, completely in awe with the beauty that surrounds and resides inside of it. The air here is so sweet - we have asked Martina and Tim (the owners) where the scent is coming from, but neither of them seem to know or notice. I suppose they are so familiar with it that it has never crossed their minds. Every time I step outside it is a pleasant surprise. Everything on Mallorca seems to be happy; the birds laugh, the bees hum all day while they work, Cookie the cat cheerfully chit chats all day - even the kitchen sink chuckles. 

A look of disbelief on her face - how can this place be so perfect!?

The stars are so bright! We've been able to spot two planets lately - not sure which ones they are, though.

Life here is pretty quiet so far. Apart from some tidying up around the house in the anticipation of the Swiss yoga group that will be arriving next week (so curious to see what this bunch looks like!) we don't have much that we are responsible for just yet. There's a lot of quiet time, which has been so nice. I was a little worried at first that I might get bored, but so far that has not been a problem in the least! I am so happy to be still, sit in the sun and enjoy long, delicious and leisurely meals, read my book, listen to the Beach Boys (very fitting for this environment) and stroll around the house - often singing (the acoustics are pretty great) and laughing with my sister.  

La vida es buena!


  1. That place looks absolutely magical and I hope, for you, it is.  Thanks for sharing your photos and stories

  2. That place looks absolutely beautiful and I hope, for you, it is.  Thanks for sharing your photos and stories.

  3. It's a dream land! I'm happy to share - it's also important for me to keep my present thoughts and memories frozen here to look back on. 

  4. It doesn't smell like lilac! The scent is hard to explain. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the wood that the house is built with? I'm constantly sniffing and following my nose but to no avail - I have not solved the mystery yet! 

    I saw your comment about England - I will not be there until early May, nor do we have the time to go to Poland unfortunately. :(

  5. it looks so dreamy and nice. lucky you! i wish i could go there on holidays!

  6. best. post. yet.
    my heart melts for your chuckling sink, and the purple mountains.

  7. oh me oh my alyson, it looks so magical there! i can't believe the moon!

  8. Ashley, I wish so much that you could see this place for yourself! You would love it!

  9. :) !!!!!!!!!

    xo back.