11 March 2012

M O N D A Y   I N   M A D R I D   -   P A R T   F O U R

This was the best ginger beer I've ever had! It seems in Spain nobody knows of or drinks Whiskey Gingers, so I taught them a thing or two. Dagny, be proud.

This draws a conclusion to my time in Madrid. It's already feeling too far away; I miss these ladies so much. When I look at this photo, my heart swells! How often is it that one meets people so kind, warm and beautiful from the inside out? Can't you see it, just by looking at their faces? Their goodness charges the air around them!

For whatever reason, I've been incredibly lucky to have an abundance of these types in my life - especially lately, and I am so grateful. I have a large group of friends at home (I miss each and every one of you and think of you daily) whom I adore, and thought that surely I had used up the allowance of great people one is alloted in their lifetime. I am pleased to report there is no such thing, and I am so excited to see who else (and what else) these coming months will bring into my life.


  1. You attract these types because you are just as kind and warm and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your Madrid adventures with Ash and your lovely friends. More more more!

    Also, your photos are fantastic, Aly. Fan-fricken-tastic. xo

  2. I ruv you so much. 

  3. HAHA! I already told you that I think that I look really crazy in the last picture but I still adore it.
    I cant belive that 2 weeks ago I was checking this blog thinking...how sweet this girl looks!
    and now I can really say that I miss you and it was so nice to meet you...I'm so happy!

  4. Well I look really drunk, and crazy or not we both look very happy - so we make a good pair!
    I miss you too, Elena! Currently scouring the internet for a place for all of us to stay in Barcelona. Not much luck yet - I think I'm being too picky about how pretty the place is. We may have to lower our standards a bit! :(