11 March 2012

M O N D A Y   I N   M A D R I D   -   P A R T   T H R E E

Elena, Ashley and I spent our evening roaming Buen Retiro Park. The white pathways were so nice, they made everything look prettier in comparison. It's such a romantic park, I loved the Crystal Palace and the huge/fat ducks that waddled around the pond.

We caught each other in this pose very often.

Waving hello...

Spotted a kitty running by...

 Found the kitty and was immediately reminded of the Cloisters Cat I caught in New York...

Then it ran away.

Biggest ducks I've ever seen. 

After watching the sunset, we met up with Bárbara and María for one last memorable night together in Madrid.

Part four coming soon...


  1. wow, that sunset looks phenomenal!  i also love that glass structure...what is it?

  2. oh I love this park in madrid! makes me want to visit my friends there.....
    lovely blog by the way, just discovered it. 

  3. It's beautiful!

    Thank you, so glad you did. :)

  4. It's called the Crystal Palace. They currently have an installation inside of it which looks like a night sky with stars. It's very pretty.