12 April 2012

I N   T H E   K I T C H E N

This is where most of my time at La Serranía has been spent. I will cherish so many memories in this room... Preparing meals, serving guests and making new friends, dancing around with Ashley, snuggling with Cookie, hanging out day and night, breaking things (...oops), lots of sarcasm and teasing with Tim, baking in the afternoons (Tim often put me in charge of dessert, which made my time feel all the more fulfilling. I imagined I was the pastry chef of La Serranía - so fun!), cleaning up and washing dishes (lots of it!), playing music loudly when nobody else was around, flirting and laughing with Federico, recipe swapping with Martina, chopping vegetables, and most recently, 'traveling' via Google maps with Leah. Lots of good stuff!

My notebook that I've scribbled recipes down in - some old, some new. A special way for me to remember what I made here and also what I learned!

My favorite - Emily Luchetti's plum cardamom uspide-down cake. Everyone gobbled it up!

Do we have enough bread? Always the question. 

 Chocolate pots - I cannot tell you how many of these I consumed, but my waistline probably could.


  1. I hope a cookbook is a plan for the future!

  2. wow. these photos are really, really magical. spending time in a kitchen cooking and helping out often can make all the difference when traveling. makes new places so much more memorable + special. i prefer it so much that i have a really hard time traveling and staying in places that don't have kitchens!

  3. Just getting my flirt on....nbd

  4. This post is just perfect. The photography, the food, your thoughts - I love it all.

  5. I welcome these post of the food. To me it is such an important way to immerse yourself in the culture of a different city. Thank you for the lovely images. Looks like there is a lot of love and laughter in that kitchen. I also SO love your goodnight Mallorca photo... its so sober but... still, so gentle and reminding. xoxo