10 April 2012

P A L M A   ,    T H E   F I R S T

With only a few days left on Mallorca, I've realized how many things I haven't blogged about yet - so now I'm feeling pressured to finish it all before I leave. I'm doing this as much for your entertainment as I am for the benefit of my own memories! So, the following plethora of images are from our first visit to Palma, on March 9th - already a whole month ago (weird). We spent the entire day museum hopping and wandering the tiny streets.

Our first stop was Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i ContemporaniThese pieces are by Amparo Sard, a Spanish artist. All are perforated paper - very impressive (and so beautiful), I think!

Picasso ceramics make me smile!

I am obsessed with the shadows of the palm leaves, for reasons I cannot exactly explain. I have noticed that I often stop to take pictures of them cast on cobblestone roads, against stucco walls and reflected in pools of water. I suppose they're an ultimate symbol of sunshine to me, and so I am extremely drawn to them!

Views from the top of the museum.

After the museum, we wandered around and ended up strolling down Paseo de Born where we stopped for a coffee and a snack. I cannot be sure that I am remembering this correctly - but I think this bebida (hehe) is essentially espresso over condensed milk. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to order it (too sweet!) but it looked pretty in it's little cup.

This enchanting little pond of sorts is hidden back from the road on the way to the Palma Cathedral. Swans!

The altar piece, by Ghandi - pretty wild!

I spotted this woman, eyes closed, basking in the sunlight - she was so beautiful and looked so at peace! I tried to sneak a photo at closer range, but she opened her eyes and then I felt like a total creep.

Last we visited Fundación Juan March where they had a lot of nice things to look at, but I was most enticed by the Vladimir Lebedev exhibition. He was a graphic artist, but probably most well known for his children's book illustrations, which are precious - something I have been into for quite some time. I fell in love with his nude portraits. They're so soft and lovely.

Ashley, observing a painting by someone - I do not know who! My apologies to the unknown artist.

Terminado! Almost.

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  1. Wow, your pics are absolutely amazing and thanks so much sharing. "Feeling like a creep" too funny!!