13 April 2012

N O W   ,   B A R C E L O N A

The strange thing about this experience, I've just begun to realize, is how quickly I'll have to adjust to new places and new people, time and time again. I only just left Mallorca this morning, that beautiful and quiet island - and now here I lay in a new, foreign bed in Barcelona. The streets just outside my window are full of people, and my goodness are they loud! After five weeks in a place where the stars are actually visible at night and the only sounds you hear are the wind and maybe the neighbors dogs barking in the night, I am laying here wondering, Is the city always so loud? After only a few weeks, have I already lost my tolerance for it? I'll admit that several times today I felt pretty overwhelmed and thought, Take me back to the island! Give me the country life!

 I treated myself to a special present while waiting around at the airport this morning. Duty Free is so dangerous.

Elena's hand holding Elena's hand - beautiful illustration by Carla. Such a talented lady! 

But then, here I am and already you can see how beautiful it is. I am in this great apartment with three of the loveliest ladies, reunited with my girls from Madrid (we miss you, María, Barbara and Carla!). We spent the afternoon roaming the streets of Barcelona, stopped into a couple of lovely shops and then spent a fair amount of time in the grocery store. Once our tired feet made it home, we put together a small and simple dinner of fruit, bread, cheese and meats from Elena's hometown. Now we are all tucked into bed, I can just barely hear the girls chatting and laughing quietly in their room next to mine over the noise outside, and I know we are going to have a wonderful time here together.

Although, just when I am starting to get over the goodbyes from La Serranía, I'll have to say goodbye to more loved ones and continue on my way again. This may not be so easy, but never the less, it will be such a fulfilling and fruitful time. La Serranía was only a fraction of the adventure; there's still so much to come!

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  1. that gallery/shop with the necklaces is amazing!  and the simple dinner you've had there looks so yummy, too.  i hope you have a great time on your next adventure!  :)