20 April 2012

B A R C E L O N A   ,   D A Y   T W O

Hola! Here is a  super quick update. I am so behind here - which is driving the organized archival nut in me crazy, but I know I should relax because I am having a wonderful time traveling around. I just really wish I could keep up with this!

We are currently in Seville and tomorrow we are hopping on a bus and heading to Nerja. There's much to show and tell from the past several days but for now, here are just a couple sweet moments with my girls from our time in Barcelona.

Slow, happy mornings in our lovely Barcelona flat.

We stumbled upon a Chai house and I dragged everyone in. Sometimes the familiarities of home are too comforting to resist.

Adorable lady, made me miss my own dear abuela. 

More to come...!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh your pictures make me miss barcelona so much! but i am pretty sure i will be missing seville as well, when i see the new posts! have fun!