08 April 2012

P O R T   D E   P O L L E N Ç A

Last Friday, Ashley and I borrowed a couple of bikes and rode them from La Serranía to Port de Pollença. The sun shone for the one hour journey but not too long after we arrived, big dark clouds rolled in and the rain started coming down. At the time we were walking along the beach, admiring the adorable little hotels and the architecture. We ran for cover - mostly for Ashley's sake (her hair can be a bit wild) and thought about what to do during a rain storm, which wasn't too hard considering we are seasoned professionals when it comes to grey weather. So, we found a cafe on the beach, protected from the downpour with an awning and little fireplaces, ordered hot cocoa and eavesdropped on the group of boys seated at the table behind us. They kept us pretty entertained, the hot cocoa was perfect and and the view was beautiful.


By the way, I found the beach I was looking for - but the weather was not on my side that day! Taking a dip in the Mediterranean will have to wait, I suppose.

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  1. so many things to comment on here...the way the colours are so perfect (peach+coral+dusty teal+grey!), hot chocolate on a rainy day, that tree!  (i can't believe it's being held up on the house like that!  so crazy!)  i'm really loving your posts...i feel like i'm on vacation with you...