31 March 2008


china town, los angeles

san francisco

I put up a bunch of pictures from my trip on my flickr. There's a lot more but I can't upload any more pictures. Apparently you're only allowed 200 photos when you have a free account. That is so dumb.

It has been kind of rough to be home. Luckily I've been busy enough doing other things that I've been distracted a little. I will admit, they really are all I can think about. I wish we all lived in one big house together.

I am so happy. Our plan for road trip no. 2 in June has already gotten even better. Evan sent me a myspace message today asking us if we (Anastasia, Nate & I) would go with them (the Parson Red Heads) to San Francisco after staying with them in L.A. They have a few shows starting on the 19th and he wants us to come along. That is going to be so much fun. It's wonderful having things to look forward to.

I'm getting really tired of working normal jobs. I really enjoy being a barista because I love making a good latte and drawing pretty pictures in it (see?) - but I've been doing this for so long. I'm getting tired. I've thought about being a nanny. Peggi's friend (and my friend too, I guess) has two little kids who are just so darling. Her son doesn't seem to take to very many people but he apparently really likes me. She was so happy when she was able to leave his side for 10 minutes and he didn't throw a fit. She wants me to babysit for her - so I'm wondering if maybe she might be able to hire me to take care of them a couple days a week or something. Also, my mom's best friend's daughter needs a nanny four days a week. Her baby is 4 months old and said she'd pay about $12-$15 an hour. I think I'd much rather do something like that, and have the freedom to go anywhere or do pretty much anything I want all day as long as I took the kids with me, of course. Plus I could work on design/illustration jobs (I just got another one today!) while I'm watching the kids. Easy!

I have to go finish my taxes, and then I'm taking a nap. I am so exhausted. I still haven't had a chance to recover from all of the driving and little amount of sleeping I did last week.

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