11 April 2008

owl & timber

I just finished this for my friends, The Parson Red Heads. It's a poster to promote the release of their new EP, "Owl & Timber." It comes out on May 20th. I've heard it and love it. It will be available on iTunes and elsewhere. Check their Myspace for more info!


I was supposed to move today - but things didn't work out. I couldn't find anybody to help me. My own roommate (sister) is even too busy to be moving. This all happened so quickly that it wasn't planned out very well. I'm a little frustrated, but I'm not letting it get to me. I'm just so excited to be in my own place that I'm losing my patience a little bit! But tomorrow should be the day! I'm all packed and have everything tucked (or stuffed, really) away into boxes. I've never packed to move before... it was sort of a strange feeling. I've lived in this house for 18 years... It's a little sad to be leaving it. It's a very happy home filled with wonderful people and great memories. It's nice to know that I at least can come back whenever I want to. This house will always be home to me.

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