24 October 2008

no, no, no

I just received this email from my dad.

Hey Aly darling,

I don’t know if Mom told you, but the two ladies with the Pomeranian dog up the street came to the door yesterday. They heard about Macy. They wanted to know the symptoms because their dog has been acting strange and they took it to a vet to get a toxology test. They had not gotten the results as of yesterday. Mom said the dog was very calm and docile which is not what that dog is usually like. I hope someone in the neighborhood is not doing this.

There's a man in our neighborhood who once took photographs of all the neighborhood dogs and has threatened people before...

I can't come up with a single word to explain how this is making me feel.

1 comment:

  1. if that's true, that would be horrible. i don't get how someone could be that cruel!

    i'm sad i never had the chance to meet macy.