26 January 2011

nai nai

This is my little friend, Naima - brought to you by her beautiful parents, Maya and Rio. 

Naima and I spent Saturday afternoon together, romping around Capitol Hill and playing at the park. From her mama's lovely apartment on the top floor, we people and puppy watched through the window above the couch, and read books as we basked in the sunspots that spill through the big windows. When I brought my camera out, she so proudly ran to one of her toy boxes to show me that she had a camera of her own. We took some pictures of each other taking pictures of each other and then went on to play with trains, baby dolls and blocks.

I feel very lucky to have such lovely children in my life right now. It is my greatest desire to have a few of my own someday, but since I cannot have them for an indefinite time, I am grateful that other mothers are so happy to share theirs with me. 

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