07 March 2012

S A T U R D A Y   I N   M A D R I D   -   P A R T   T H R E E

We took a break from shopping and had a beer with lemon (there is a name for this that I cannot recall now) in a plaza, where Elena and María's aunt joined us. She does not speak English and I barely speak Spanish, so we couldn't speak directly to one another, but she clearly communicated her personality - very fun, warm, lively and funny. Traits that must run in the family! We then all had lunch at Olivia Te Cuida (you must look at their blog - it's so nice!).  It is a simple and beautiful place, the food was delicious and the people were so friendly (I have found that most people in Madrid are). They let me wander around and photograph everything - I couldn't get enough of it!

"Olivia Takes Care of You" - Immediately thought of my Olivia, who has often times taken care of me.  

Eggplant with a pomegranate and a seasoned cream sauce (if I remember correctly), basmati rice spiced with cardamom and arugula with figs, slivered almonds and bleu cheese. SO GOOD!

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  1. glad you're having such a good time, Aly!