06 March 2012

S A T U R D A Y    I N    M A D R I D    -    P A R T    T W O

Saturday mostly consisted of lots of walking, lots of popping into shops but not buying anything - though I was so tempted (although I did buy three different types of mt masking tape from Do Design. Who can resist pink and polka-dots, I would like to know!?). There's so much to see, so many beautiful little shops. Madrid, you are too easy to love.


They have many pretty things, but I especially loved their selection of home items. In moments they had me dreaming up my very distant future apartment.

I think this shop may have been my favorite. They have an abundance of the best little things; Dieppa Restreppo shoes, O-Check notebooks and papers, beautiful prints, magazines, again - tons of mt masking tape, a wooly handbag (!)... the list goes on.

And still, there's more to come.


  1. i am loving all your pictures from madrid! all the beautiful cafes and restaurants you are visiting and all the amazing fashion you are getting your hands on! lucky you :)

  2. Yes, I am so lucky! So very grateful for this time - it's only been five days and already am having the time of my life!

  3. You are so amazing in the documentation of your trip.  I think this is the beginning of a book or something.  Love the description and photos. Your writing is so captivating.  Wow, tea at the Ritz.  I'm so glad you are having soooo much fun.  I love checking in on you everyday.  I love you my dear.  Dad

  4. OMG! what an amazing shop! that fur bag... WANT. this is so fun!  i just love how you're posting so much of your trip! 

  5. Daddy, your words are so sweet! Thank you. I miss you very much, think of you all the time and tell many people about you, too. You're the best dad there ever was. Sending you and Mama lots of love. xoxo

  6. Ashley, I totally thought of you (and Caitlin) when I saw that bag. I bet you could so easily make one!  I wanted it so badly but I just couldn't spend 300 euro on it right now. Ugh!